Workshop In English

Street Photography - Arjen Zwart

2 weeks, 24 hours

10th November

440 TL (+KDV)
Öğrenciler için: 350 TL (+KDV)

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Street Photography - Arjen Zwart

Date: 10th November
Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Time: 24 hours
Friday 19.00-22.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 11.00-14.00
Cost: 440 TL

This workshop will be held with minumum 7 maximum 12 participants.
Street photography is all about finding order in a chaotic world.
It doesn t rely on pre-visualization learn to use rapid-reaction techniques for capturing what is happening in front of your eyes and your lens.
Street Photography is for those who see what is happening around them and wish that they could capture that decisive moment.
It is about knowing your camera and its versatility, so that you have an almost reflex action style of shooting.
After this course, you will be shooting from your heart and not from your camera manual - whether you re shooting in cities or out in the great outdoors.
Through demonstration and example learn with tricks and tips how to,
See and compose a subject
Use varying depths of field for different types of shots
Use varying speeds for creative effect
Photograph in public places safely
Understand the creative opportunities your camera offers
Perspective and light conditions
Requirements :
A rangefinder camera or SLR (film or digital) with a wide-angle lens (analogue in the 28-35mm range/ digital in the 17-55mm range ) or a normal (50mm) lens.
Working knowledge and comfort with your camera s functions.

Arjen Zwart
Arjen Zwart

Freelance and documentary photographer (The Netherlands), is specialized in documentary photography .
Besides his personal projects, he is working for newspapers, magazines and ngo's. Arjen's photo works have been exhibited in Europe and Turkey.

Arjen started photography in 1986. He is attracted by the possibilities the camera offers to tell visual stories. He has made reportages and social documentaries in India, the Netherlands and Turkey. In 1986 Arjen visited Istanbul for the first time. He was deeply impressed by it's history and people. But it was until 2001 that he returned to Istanbul. There he  encountered a roma family which inspired him to start a photo project covering the life's of the family during a time span of 15 years. In 2006 an introduction exhibition was held at the Karsi Sanat Gallery in Istanbul. Besides this project he started to explore the city extensively. Many of his personal projects are inspired by Istanbul and it's people.
At this moment Arjen resides in Istanbul.